PowerFLARM Rental Program

PowerFLARM Rental Units Now Available in the USA $100 per Contest

Glider and tow-plane pilots can rent a PowerFLARM unit for $100 per contest or similar event. The $100 includes postage and return postage. 6 AA batteries are no longer included with the rental unit.

FLARM traffic awareness products have been very successful in Europe and PowerFLARM is expected to soon be in wide use in the United States, with hundreds of units ordered by USA glider pilots. Many pilots believe this is one of the most important safety technologies available to soaring pilots. PowerFLARM will especially provide safety benefits to large soaring events such as national and regional contests as well as camps and safaris.

Many pilots may not be able to afford to purchase a PowerFLARM, or wish to invest in the technology for a single event. Pilots may also prefer to experience using a PowerFLARM before making a purchase decision. As more pilots use PowerFLARM in environments like contests and camps, the better traffic awareness and overall safety that provides to other pilots using PowerFLARM. It is our hope that the PowerFLARM Rental Program will make possible voluntary use of PowerFLARM by all gliders and tow-planes at SSA sanctioned contests.

This rental program had been made possible by the generous donations by fellow glider pilots. The rental program is administered by Williams Soaring Center.

To reserve a PowerFLARM rental unit contact Williams Soaring Center. There are a limited number of PowerFLARM rental units—reserve one now for your future event!

PowerFLARM Rental Program
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