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Noelle MayesNoelle Mayes - Office Manager/Tow Pilot - Private Pilot SEL & Glider

Noelle Mayes 1991-Present

Noelle started flying while still in high school where she worked at a local FBO in return for flight time. She earned her private SEL rating in 1990. Noelle starting working for the Mayes family at Lagoon Valley in 1991 where she met the love of her life and owner of Lagoon Valley Soaring, Rex Mayes. She and Rex were married a few years later and have 2 sons, Ben and Nick.

Noelle enjoys running the office, towing and the social atmosphere of the gliderport.
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Rex MayesRex Mayes- CFIG, DPE, Commercial SEL, Glider, Pvt MEL, A&P, IA, Repair Station Chief Inspector

Rex Mayes 1984-Present

Rex took over managing Lagoon Valley Soaring in Vacaville, CA the summer of 1984 in a temporary capacity while on break from Sacramento State University. He and his twin brother ran the family business until 1993 when the business moved to Williams, CA. Rex and his wife Noelle along with their two sons own and run the full service gliderport.

Rex is a DPE for Gliders, Chief Inspector for the FAA Repair Station, A&P and IA, tow pilot, and co-owner of Sage Variometers that is located on the airport. Rex strives to create an environment for pilots to enjoy all aspects of soaring. Email Rex

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Ben MayesBen Mayes - CFIG - Tow Pilot

Ben took his first glider flight in a Grob 109B when he was just two weeks old. He soloed a glider years later on his 14th Birthday and over the course of a few years earned his Private, Commercial, and CFI ratings in Gliders and his Private SMEL.  He has been the official scorer at three National Contests and crewed at many US Regional and National competitions. In 2014 Ben crewed for Team USA at the World Gliding Championships in Poland. Ben continues to fine tune his soaring skills flying the ASW-24, ASG-32Mi, SGS-232 and FOX. He enjoys instructing in gliders and is working towards his next goal of earning his commercial SEL rating. Ben is currently working full time at the gliderport. Ben's spare time is spent as a Lieutenant with the Williams Volunteer Fire Department. Email Ben


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Nick MayesNick Mayes - Tow Pilot, Shop Tech, Private Pilot Glider and SEL

Nick soloed on a ASK-23 on his 14th Birthday and has worked his way up to Private pilot glider and SEL. He is involved with all aspects of running the gliderport and enjoys crewing for pilots at Regional and National soaring events. Nick can be found in the shop where he is apprenticing to become an A&P or in the Pawnee towing gliders. In his spare time, Nick loves to fly his Super Cub, the family Staggerwing and C-182 along with the rest of the WSC sailplane fleet including the ASK21, ASK23, ASW24, ASG32Mi, and SGS 2-32. Nick is also a volunteer with the Williams Fire Department. Email Nick 

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Pablo Saso-PerkinsPablo Saso-Perkins - CFIG, Drone Opperator

Pablo started flying gliders at Soar Truckee in the Sierras in 2015, a short 3 seasons later he obtained his commercial glider rating. The following year Pablo earned his CFIG. Currently in his spare time, he is working on his power ticket and looks forward to becoming a tow pilot. Pablo's future goals include becoming a corporate pilot, and flying out of cool smaller airports with less passengers than you might find in the airlines. Pablo rarely flies by himself, as he loves sharing the sport with others. Constantly wanting to expand his horizons, he now joins us at Williams Soaring Center in an instructor position. Email Pablo 

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Ted ReynoldsTed Reynolds - CFIG - Pvt SEL & Tow Pilot

Ted's life long passion has always been aviation. From an early age he can remember taking trips to Travis AFB to watch the flight line for hours as the airplanes performed touch-n-go's. He knew he had to fly! He began his flight training at WSC in 2011 and solo'd shortly after in 2012 at the age of 15. In the past few years he has been around the gliderport running line, cleaning the fleet, and assembling ClearNav flight instruments all while flying whenever he could. In 2020 he obtained his commercial glider rating and CFIG a few months later. When Ted is not working he is out flying his Clipper around Northern California. Email Ted 

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Marty GuiterrezMarty Guiterrez - CFIG, ATP, Tow Pilot

Marty knew at a very young age what he wanted to do.  He wanted to fly airplanes.  This desire was instilled in him by listening to his father tell stories of flying B-24’s during WWII.  Just about every weekend growing up was spent following his dad on his hands and knees doing yard work and listening to these seemingly magical anecdotes.  Marty’s dreams came true when he was commissioned as an officer in the Air Force and attended pilot training.  Marty spend nearly 23 years as a pilot in the Air Force and 31 years as a pilot for a major airline.  He’s mostly retired now but scratches his itch for flying by hanging out at the glider port and occasionally flying seaplanes.  He even jumps out of airplanes at his advanced age.  Give him a shout out when you see him. Email Marty

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Kenny PriceKenny Price - ATP, CFIG, CFI SEL & SES, Instrument

Kenny starting flying gliders at Lagoon Valley Soaring in 1990.  He took his first lesson with Rex in an ASK-21 and fell in love with gliders on his first flight. Kenny earned his private glider rating at Crazy Creek Soaring, while Lagoon Valley was relocating, and soon obtained his Commercial and CFIG.  He began instructing in 1994 and joined the Williams Soaring Center staff where he became a full time instructor.

Earning his Commercial SEL in 1995, Kenny expanded his professional flying and began providing tows for the operation.  In 1997 Kenny was awarded the SSA most Active Instructor in the USA.  He received this award several times in the following years.  Kenny semi-retired from full time status to a part time guest instructor in 2008.  He has over 10,000 hours in gliders and 4,000 hours in powered aircraft.  In his spare time Kenny enjoys flying his Super Cub and providing glider pilots with landout site tours.

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Mark MillerMark Miller - CFI, CFIG, Commercial SEL & MEL, Glider, Instrument, Seaplane

I started flying on New Year’s Day in 1984. Flying power planes first with single and multi engine, instrument, sea plane and CFI.  I started flying gliders in 1990 at the old Lagoon Valley Gliderport and added commercial glider and CFIG. Soon after I started doing glider rides every weekend. And after a few years started towing as well. Currently I am enjoying very much splitting my time between flying the tow plane and various gliders.

During that time at Lagoon Valley, I also started flying aerobatics in Citabrias, Decathalons, and eventually moved up to co owning a Pitts S2B aerobatic biplane, which I enjoyed flying in aerobatic competitions and just for the  fun of it. Flying aerobatics in a glider I found is just as much fun, and a much quieter experience.

I have personally found that the people and staff at WSC truly make it a great place to fly.
~by: Mark Miller

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Kevin AshAdam Coupal - Private Pilot Glider and SEL, Tow Pilot

Adam started his journey in aviation in 2017 when he decided to quit his job after getting fed up with sitting behind a desk all day. Eight months later he earned his private pilot’s license and shortly thereafter started pursuing his glider license. He started towing to build hours for his commercial license, but had so much fun doing it that he quickly passed the 250-hour requirement and kept on flying! Adam recently started aerobatic training with his glider instructor, Ben, and is excited to keep flying upside-down.  


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Jonathan HaynesJonathan Haynes - Private Pilot Glider and SEL, Tow Pilot

Jonathan started flying gliders with us in the Fall of 2020 and earned his Private glider rating Spring 2021. He began towing Fall of 2021.


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Bios coming soon

AIDAN ONISKO - Tow pilot, shop tech

Jerry McCormick - CFIG, Tow Pilot +

Rick Indrebo - CFIG, Tow Pilot, ATP +

We are located at: (for map see location page)

2668 Husted Road
Williams, CA 95987
Phone: 530-473-5600

Email: info@williamssoaring.com

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