Schleicher ASG 32Mi - N832WS


Schleicher ASG 32Mi

Pilot Approval Requirements: The ASG 32Mi is a dual place, advanced, 20 meter class glider and has advanced pilot requirements - please see the office staff. - All pilots should see Pilot Information Section.

Schleicher ASG-32 20 Meter Glider

Schleicher's new ASG 32Mi

Next to Schleicher's ASK 21 trainer and their new ASH 30 Mi Open Class high performance glider, they are now introducing the ASG 32 Mi – a totally new design specifically tailored for the very popular 20 Meter FAI Two-seater Class. The ASG 32Mi is just as much for the ambitious competition pilot as it is for clubs and recreational pilots due to its wide range of options.

The base model of the ASG 32 is a pure sailplane with a four-piece wing, plus snap-on winglets. Automatic control connections are factory standard and so is the integrated engine bay for a low-cost engine retrofit at a later stage.

Full control in the rear cockpit.
Dual controls are in front and back seat. The landing gear with a large diameter main wheel can be operated in the back seat, too. Due to the forward location of the main wheel it was possible to eliminate a drag creating nose wheel without risking fuselage damage on application of engine power or maximum use of the wheel brake. This design has resulted in an extremely clean and elegant fuselage with the lowest possible drag. To sum up, the new ASG 32 is designed for the highest level of international competition flying while at the same time offering clubs and recreational pilots an unprecedented level of performance, safety and flying enjoyment.


Schleicher ASG-32 2 place 20 meter sailplane

Schleicher ASG 32 Brochure

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Schleicher ASG32 Specifications

Performance - Technical data

20 m 65.6 ft
wing area
15.7 m² 169 sqft
wing aspect ratio
winglet height
0.5 m 1.64 ft
fuselage length
9.07 m 29.8 ft
cockpit width
0.73 m 2.4 ft
fuselage height
0.998 m 3.27 ft
tailplane span
3.25 m 10.7 ft
tailplane height
1.70 m 5.57 ft
max. speed
280 km/h 151 kts
min. sink
0.6 m/s 118 ft/min
empty mass
465 kg 1025 lbs
max. take-off mass
850 kg 1874 lbs
min. wing loading
33.8 kg/m² 6.92 lbs/sqft
max. wing loading
54.1 kg/m² 11.08 lbs/sqft
useful load, max.
2 x 120 kg 1 x 265 lbs
water ballast wing,
~ 210 l ~ 460 lbs

Glider Planform Views


Schleicher ASG-32 Planform


Polar: See Section 5.32  and  5.33 in the ASG 32 Manual

The factory polar chart shows the the sink of the glider at particular speeds flown - based on standard gross weight. You should memorize your the speeds to fly and be able to quote them from memory. Where else can you find speeds to fly?


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Instrument Panels

The ASG 32 will be very well equipped for serious Cross Country flying, and Cross Country Training.

Schleicher ASG32 Front Instrument Panel
Schleicher ASG32 Rear Instrument Panel


Weight and Balance:  See Section 5.35 in the ASG 32 Manual

You must be aware of the weight and balance envelope of the glider you are flying. Know how to add weights as required to stay within the correct moment.

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