Pilot's Shared Spot, Inreach Tracking Map

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UPDATED: Sunday, July 28, 2019 3:41 PM

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FLARM TRACKER: OGN Link: http://glidertracker.org/

Pilot's SPOT Messenger Links:

Pilots are listed alphabetically by first name. Both SPOT Messengers and INREACH devices are used.

Some pilots have 2 "FindMeSpot" shared links with filters set for 24 hours and 7 days. The 24 hour link is great for those tracking someone the day they are flying, without a confusing overlap of flight paths from previous days.


How to set up your SPOT Messenger link:

Here is what you need to do if you want to Share Your Adventure.

Please note, you should also set up your 'Profiles'. That is not covered here.

  1. Log on to SPOT at http://findmespot.com/en/
  2. Near the top on right side see: "My Account", click it
  3. Sign in to your account using your user name and password.
  4. See tabs along the top of your account page. Click on "Share"
  5. See section that says: "SPOT Shared Pages", Click on "Create Shared Page" form.
  6. Fill in the Forms 'Create a Page Name' such as PK 24 hours. (note: Default setup is 7 days)
  7. Leave the default boxes checked. These should be checked:
    1. Devices to share (select all)
    2. Location messages (check them all)
    3. Share GPS Locations from the Last: -- NOTE: the default is Last 7 days. Many pilots create 2 shared pages. Last 7 days, and Last 24 hours.
    4. Share Message Detail - Default is 'NO'. If YES is selected, it will show the details of messages set up in your Profiles.
    5. Make Shared Page Public - Checked (This will have SPOT set up a public page, not a private one. No one will see your password or personal info.)
  8. It is recommended that you check 'Notify family and friends about this shared page, enter your email address, that way spot will send you an email with your SPOT link.
  9. Click SEND or CREATE
    1. if you chose to have an email sent, the 'CREATE' button is removed and the 'SEND' button is used in it's place to create your page and send the email.
    2. SPOT will set up your page for you. Copy the URL link to that new page and paste it into an email to yourself.. You can drag it onto the your Computer Desktop to create a link, or "add to favorites" to put in your browser.
  10. After you have the Share Page all set up, turn on your spot and verify it works properly, THEN copy and paste that URL address in an email to Williams Soaring, as we will add your name to this list.
Send your SPOT link with your NAME, Glider Type, and Glider ID to: info@williamssoaring.com




Welcome to our gliderport, please see the Pilot Info section, also be sure to read the Bulletins Page for latest conditions.
The documents in our Pilot Info Section are REQUIRED reading for all pilots flying in and out of Williams Soaring Center.