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VSA Race Day #7 July 29th


 As of 07-15-2017 - 1467:52 Hrs Flown - 2,294 Flights - Flew 138 of 196 days (closed 44 Days)

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USA Dealer for Alexander Schleicher Sailplanes

The staff at Williams Soaring Center is here to assist with ongoing support of Schleicher sailplanes here in the USA and work with people interested in purchasing Schleicher's newest models. View our Schleicher page for more information.


  • ASK 21 2 Place Trainer
  • ASK 21Mi 2 Place Trainer Motorglider
  • ASH 26E Self Launching Motorglider
  • ASW 28 Standard
  • ASW 28-18, 18E Motorglider
  • ASG 29, ASG 29E, ASG 29Es Glider & Motorglider
  • ASH 30mi Self Launching Motorglider
  • ASG 31mi Self Launching Motorglider
  • ASG 32, 32Mi, 32El 2 Place Glider & Motorglider
ASK 21 2 Place Trainer1 ASK 21Mi 2 Place Trainer Motorglider2 ASH 26E Self Launching Motorglider3 ASW 28 Standard4 ASW 28-18, 18E Motorglider5 ASG 29, ASG 29E, ASG 29Es6 ASH 30mi Self Launching Motorglider7 ASG 31mi Self Launching Motorglider8 ASG 32, 32Mi, 32El 2 Place Glider & Motorglider9