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Important Insurance Requirements


In accordance with your agreement with Williams Soaring Center, you are responsible for any damage to the aircraft which occurs while you are pilot in command.

No hull coverage

Williams Soaring Center does not carry hull coverage on the aircraft. Any damage incurred, up to $60,000 while under the control of the renter pilot, will be the responsibility of that pilot. This does not apply to students while flying with a Williams Instructor Pilot In Command.

We strongly advise pilots to purchase a "Non-Owned Aircraft" or permissive user policy which would protect the renter pilot against claims arising from hull damage, and one which may give protection not otherwise covered under existing policies provided by Williams Soaring Center, or the pilots own medical coverage or his/her own personal liability coverage.

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In this regard, you should be aware of exclusion clauses that may exist in various insurance policies. Some personal insurance policies exclude all claims related to aviation, while certain aviation policies may exclude coverage while using "experimental category" sailplanes. Please be advised that here at Williams Soaring Center there are several sailplanes which are "experimental category".

Changes and Other Options

Insurance programs are continuously under revision. You are asked to consult with the field manager for the latest policy changes as well as additional information and addresses on available carriers. Although this is not an endorsement, several insurance companies are listed here for your convenience:

AVEMCO InsuranceCompany
8490 Progress Drive Suite 100
Frederick, Maryland 21701
1-800-638-8440 FAX: 1-800-756-7815

Costello Insurance Associates, Inc.
428 East Southern Ave Tempe, AZ 85282

AOPA Insurance Agency

PO Box 630339
Simi Valley, CA 93063-0339

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