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Williams Soaring Center - Operations

WindsockWilliams Soaring Center Operations - Required Reading by ALL Pilots

Williams Soaring Center is open to the public, however, it is a privately owned facility. Flight operations must be conducted in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR's).  All pilots who wish to fly at Williams Soaring Center are required to read and comply with the Williams Soaring Center (WSC) Operations Procedures and complete a Pilots Information Form (Adobe PDF 13KB)

These pages describe:

Please read this document in its entirety. 
After you read the material, visit the Williams Soaring Center office and complete the Pilot Information Form. Thank You.

Thanks to Peter Kelly (PK) who did most of the work creating the original WSC Pilot Information pages. Those pages were copied here with only minor updates..
Plus thanks to Tom Jue, Kevin Ash, Gen Shibayama, and Peter Kelly for many of the illustrations and photos used on these pages.