Alexander Schleicher Sailplanes

Alexander Schleicher is the oldest sailplane producer of the world. With the production of 70 sailplanes
and motorgliders in a year, Alexander Schleicher is one of the global leaders.

The staff at Williams Soaring Center is here to assist with ongoing support of Schleicher sailplanes in the USA and work with people interested in purchasing Schleicher's newest models.

Contact Rex Mayes or Noelle Mayes (530) 473-5600 or visit Schleicher's website for additional information.

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June 2021 - AS 35 Mi

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AS 35 Mi
  20 Meter self launcher 


December 11, 2020 - AS 33 Me
The AS 33 will become an Electric Self-Launcher
The AS 33 will become an Electric Self-launcher! | ASSegelflug (
AS 33 Me

September 2, 2020

Schleicher AS 34 Me - Maiden flight on new electric self-launcher AS 34 Me



January 2020

Schleicher AS 33 - Takes Flight in Germany

AS 33

December 2019

Schleicher Announces ASW 28 B

An uncomplicated single seater in which everyone feels at home immediately, with outstanding flying performance and the well-known Schleicher safety features.  That’s everyone’s image of the ideal club aircraft. Exactly these conditions are met by the ASW 28 B.

The B version’s cockpit now includes some of the updated features originally meant for the new AS 33.  The ergonomic rudder pedals and the re-designed in-flight adjustable seat back benefit all pilots, especially those who are taller.  The instrument pedestal has also been re-designed.

The aerotow hook has also been moved to the front of the nose. The triple-bladed airbrakes provide more airbrake effectiveness. See additional information on Schleicher Website.

July 2019

FAA issues Standard Type Certificate on ASK 21B

We are pleased to announce that after nearly 1.5 years in process, the ASK 21B has received final approvals for the FAA Standard Type Certificate G47EU Rev. 2. The ASK 21 has been in production for nearly 4 decades with very few design change variants.  Alexander Schleicher has made a number of improvements to the basic airframe including redesigning both cockpits to make more room for larger pilots, changes to the rear canopy hinge to allow more opening clearance for better egress, Automatic aileron and airbrake connection, 6 inch main wheel, in fin ballast mounting provision for spin training just to name a few. An ASK 21b will be available at Williams Soaring Center for demonstration flights on Aug 1. There is one ASK 21b ready for immediate delivery in Williams Ca. Come by and see for yourself.  $125K no instruments or trailer.  Buy it for your club today.

April 2019

Schleicher Announces AS 34 Me

December 2018
Schleicher Introduces Design Team

July 2018
Schleicher Announces AS 33 and ASK 21 B


Schleicher AS-34 Electric Motorglider

AS 34 Me - NEW

AS 34 Me - Electric Self Launcher

Full independence in a Standard Class

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Schleicher AS-33

AS 33 - NEW

AS 33, AS-33 Es

ASG 29 successor

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Schleicher ASG 32  ASG 32 Mi, ASG 32 EL

ASG 32

ASG 32, ASG 32 Mi, ASG 32 EL

20 meter 2 seat flapped glider

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Schleicher ASH 31 Motorglider

ASH 31 Mi

ASH 31 Motorglider

Self Launching 18m & 21m

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Schleicher ASH-30 Motorglider

ASH 30 Mi

ASH 30 Motorglider

Superb Performance, Open Class

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Schleicher ASG 29

ASG 29

ASG 29, ASG 29 E, ASG 29 Es

Glider of World Champions

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Schleicher ASW 28-18E Motorglider

ASW 28-18

ASW 28-18, ASW 28-18 E

In a Class of it's own

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Schleicher ASH-30 Motorglider

ASW 28

ASW 28 - 15 meter standard

Performance in the Standard Class

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Schleicher ASK 21B A trainer like no other



A trainer like no other

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Schleicher ASK 21 Motorglider

ASK 21 Mi

ASK 21 Motorglider

Self Launching, Training, Performance

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