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Required Pilot Reading


Thanks to Peter Kelly (PK) who did a LOT of work creating the original WSC Pilot Information pages. Plus thanks to Tom Jue, Kevin Ash, Gen Shibayama, and again, Peter Kelly for many of the illustrations and photos used on these pages. If I missed someone who's work is here, let me know and I will add your name to the credits. ~Webmaster



About the 'Pilot Information' Section

These web pages contain information and operating policies established by the management at Williams Soaring Center.

All pilots operating from Williams Gliderport are expected to read and have knowledge of this information, and are expected to comply whenever sound reasoning and common sense allow compliance.

This information is published with the understanding that the management is not engaged in instructing through these pages. The Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR's) and sound safety practices take precedent over anything stated or implied herein. It is not the purpose of this manual to reprint, rephrase or interpret the FAR's in any manner. The intent of this publication is to complement and supplement the FAR's.

Neither the management nor employees shall have any liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this information.

If there is any policy and/or procedure that you believe to be unsafe, or even onerous, you are expected to voice your concern and bring that issue to the attention of the management.

The Pilot Information Form

Read the Pilot Information pages and be prepared to acknowledge your understanding of this material and complete a Pilot Information Form when you visit the field. You can save time by clicking on the link below and filling out some of the interactive form, then print it.

  • Open, fill out, and print the Pilot Information Form (13KB Adobe pdf file).
  • The card must be completed by each pilot-in-command operating from this field
  • The card will be a current record of the following information:
    • Pilot Info: name, address, phone numbers
    • Emergency Contact Info: name, address, phone numbers
    • Pilot Qualifications
    • Date of last biennial flight
  • Information should be updated as necessary
  • Signature acknowledges that you have read and understand the information presented on these pages of "Required Reading."

Your cooperation is appreciated.

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