Schleicher ASW 24 - N224JR

OJ - Oscar Juliet

Schleicher ASW 24

We have three excellent ASW 24 gliders for training and rental.

Pilot Approval Requirements: The pilot must have sign off by an instructor and must meet Williams Soaring Operating Policy and Insurance requirements - See Pilot Information Section.

ASW24 Glider OJ piloted by Bob Ireland, Photo by Tom Jue

The ASW 24 was designed by Schleicher's Gerhard Waibe (the W in the name). The prototype made its first flight in 1987, entered serial production later the same year. It remained in production until 2000, although only a score were built in the mid-to-late nineties. It entailed a large development effort, as it was a complete departure from the preceding ASW 19 and pioneered several successful innovations.

The fuselage, airfoils, wings and empennage were completely new, as well as many systems, e.g. the electrical ballast management. The structure employed a large amount of the then still exotic carbon fibre. The OSTIV Award-winning safety cockpit made use of an organic shape, tall sidewalls, crumple zones and exotic aramid fibres for crash protection. A large wheel with a disc brake and a large canopy with excellent visibility were other strong points of the type. The ASW 24 was moderately successful in competitions. It won a single World Championship in 2001, fourteen years after its market launch. As the contemporary LS7, the ASW 24 overstretched the technology available at the time: it has excellent performance in the cruise but less so in the slow flight range.

The aesthetically pleasing ASW 24 is a comfortable, safe and pleasant sailplane with high cross-country performance that remains competitive up to national championship level in most countries. The fuselage of the ASW 24 was the basis, with small modifications, for the subsequent ASW 27, ASW 28 and ASG 29.

Download the ASW 24 Polar and Specifications sheet (PDF 288KB)

Download information ASW 24 Flight Manual (4.6MB).

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Schleicher ASW 24 Specifications


L/D Max: 44   105 kph / 57 kt / 65 mph --- MinSink: 0.58 m/s / 1.90 fps / 1.13 kt -- Aspect ratio: 22.5
Span Area Empty Weight Payload Gross Weight Wing Load Water Ballast
m ft sq.m sq.ft kg lb kg lb kg lb kg/sq.m lb/sq.ft kg lb
15 49.2 10 107.6 230 507 270 595 500 1102 50 10.24 170 375


The factory polar chart shows the the sink of the glider at particular speeds flown - based on standard gross weight. You should memorize your the speeds to fly and be able to quote them from memory. Where else can you find speeds to fly?

ASW 24 Polar Chart


ASW 24 Instrument PanelInstrument Panel

This ASW 24 (OJ) is outfitted for serious cross-country and safety:

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Weight and Balance

You must be aware of the weight and balance envelope of the glider you are flying. Know how to add weights as required to stay within the correct moment.