Schleicher ASK 21 - N179KS

ASK - Alpha Sierra Kilo

ASK 21 GliderSchleicher ASK 21

We have two excellent ASK 21 gliders for training and rental.

Pilot Approval Requirements: Unless accompanied by an instructor, the pilot must have sign off by an instructor and must meet Williams Soaring Operating Policy and Insurance requirements - See Pilot Information Section.

The ASK 21 is a two-seater mid-wing with 17m span. This aircraft stands out particularly for its wide range of flying tasks. The ASK 21 accompanies the student pilot from instruction up to the first cross-country or competition flights. It has easy handling on the ground as well as in flight. The high production quality, as well as the low-maintenance and very rugged design offer a versatile aircraft for everybody, fit for every-day service and lasting in value.

The comfortable rubber-shock-mounted landing gear not only absorbs the smaller bumps which are common on every take off and landing, but is also very forgiving of heavy landings. Something that flight instructors appreciate after a long instruction day is the convenience of the comfortable non-fatiguing seat position and of the easy-to-use and easily accessible operating levers.



Instrument Panel Photo - Front and RearSchleicher ASK-21 Instrument Panels

This ASK 21 is outfitted for cross country training and flying.
Cambridge 302/303 front and rear
Mountain High Oxygen system.
Becker 3201 Radio
Altimeters & Air Speed Indicators
Winter Varios

Call Williams Soaring to schedule your cross country training now.

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Glider Performance and SpecificationsASK 21 Factory Specifications

Review the ASK 21's technical data. You should memorize your the speeds to fly and be able to quote them from memory. Where else can you find speeds to fly?

Download information sheet ask21-specs.pdf (146KB)
Download information ASK-21 Flight Manual (4,958KB)

The factory polar chart shows the sink of the glider at particular speeds flown - based on standard gross weight.

.ASK-21 Polar Chart

Weight and Balance

You must be aware of the weight and balance envelope of the glider you are flying. Know how to add weights as required to stay within the correct moment.



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ASK-21 PlanformASK 21 Plan Form

The fuselage shell offers to the pilot a high level of passive accident safety. The Plexiglas canopies are hinged fore and aft and together with the upwards hinging instrument panel in the front seat they offer a comfortable entry and exit. The layout of the canopy locking levers and the fitting of a canopy interlock mechanism guarantee reliably the locking of the canopies, particularly of the rear canopy which is valuable on solo flights or when carrying passengers.