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Schleicher ASW 27 - N271JH

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Schleicher ASW 27

The ASW 27 B is a high performance 15 meter class glider.

Pilot Approval Requirements: The pilot must have sign off by an instructor and must meet Williams Soaring Operating Policy and Insurance requirements - See Pilot Information Section.

ASW-27 Glider JH, piloted by Jack Harken, Photo by Kodak DX6340 camera

The ASW 27 B is a high performance glider for the FAI-15m-class (racing class), of the latest state of the art technology. The roomy safety cockpit of the ASW 27 B, designed according to latest research results in the field of safety and accident protection, offers all modern comforts and ease of operation, even for tall pilots. The rubber-shock-mounted, re-tractable landing gear with a “crumpling zone” in the steel struts for over load cases and hydraulic disc brake, the in flight adjustable back rest, the upwards hinging instrument panel and the speed trim, are only some of the many available conveniences.

The high performance wing airfoil with boundary layer control by means of turbulator holes, combined with an outstanding construction quality, imparts to the ASW 27 B flight performances that are comparable to those of the former Open Class gliders. Due to the high construction quality of the wing and of the control surface gap sealing it has been possible to build a production wing with a laminar airflow of 95% along the profile under-side. The sophisticated control linkage system gives very good maneuverability and harmless flight characteristics, even in landing approach, to the ASW 27 B.

The low-drag airfoil of the T-tail (elevator with stabilizer) was developed specially for the ASW 27 B design by the Delft University of Technology. Elevator and rudder are new-technology sandwiches of aramide fiber / plastics with a hard foam core. All control surface hinges of the wing and of the horizontal tail unit use needle bearings or low-maintenance plastic bearings. The actuating levers and bell cranks are fitted with ball bearings or precise “uniball”-joints. While the desirable feedback from the air loads at the control surfaces can just still be felt at the stick, the hand forces for the pilot are comfortable, - a pre-condition for non-fatiguing flying.


ASW27 Polar and Specifications sheet (PDF 147KB)

ASW27 Factory Brochure (PDF 309KB)

Download information ASW 27 Flight Manual (5.83MB).

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Schleicher ASW27 Specifications

Performance & Specs

ASW27 performance data chart


The factory polar chart shows the the sink of the glider at particular speeds flown - based on standard gross weight. You should memorize your the speeds to fly and be able to quote them from memory. Where else can you find speeds to fly?

ASW 24 Polar Chart


ASW 24 Instrument PanelInstrument Panel

This ASW 27 is outfitted for Cross Counrty soaring and safety:

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Weight and Balance

You must be aware of the weight and balance envelope of the glider you are flying. Know how to add weights as required to stay within the correct moment.